ADR-COMPANY provides the following services


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Provision of cars

Providing cargo shippers with,
spotting of our own/leased cars,
refrigerator van for 136 cub.m. Covered train car for 138 cub.m
We will provide any rolling stock

Payment of tariffs

Payment of tariffs in the national currency for Kazakhstan,
Central Asia and the CIS countries
We can act as a cargo shipper in these countries.


Payment of port dues,
transshipment at the port, payment of sea freights
for the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

Complex services

Complex services
(delivery of the cargo to the station of departure
transferring cargo into the rail car – wagon departure to the point of destination – Cargo delivery to your destinations)

Submission of plan

Presentation and coordination of the transportation plan within the shortest time period, registration of all necessary documents, selection of codes, preparation of SMGS consignment notes.

Payment delay

We can provide a payment delay
depending on the kind of transportation.
The amount and term are specified
individually for each client


Provision of the truck: tarpaulin
and refrigerating from Europe to
Kazakhstan, Central Asia and CIS countries



Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding: it is a complex of transport services, extending till the moment of delivery of the goods to the Customer for the whole period of transit. This service can be offered from point A to a point b (door-to-door), including the payment of railway tariffs, providing sea freight, transshipment in ports and terminals, providing cargo transport, etc.


Automobile transportation

Automobile transportation in the world is the easiest way to deliver the goods quickly and at a low price directly to the warehouse of the addressee. ADRCOMPANY organizes international transportation to any point of destination. Our company specializes on transportation of cargo from Europe to Middle Asia, Kazakhstan and back. European, Kazakh and Asian carriers are at your disposal.


Provision of a car for a technical trip and its rent

Provision of cars for a technical trip includes: cargo transportation in the car in one direction by the Customer’s agreed route, with estimated date of delivery, according to the rules of transportation (Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail – SMGS) along administrations of railways of general use is one of the company’s activities.

Car rent is a customer-tailored approach to long-term projects that allows you to accurately calculate the risks for the Customer and identify the most advantageous offers for both sides.


Payment of freight, in ports of cargo transshipment and its storage

You need to deliver the goods to Central Asia — Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan (including to China and from China via Dostyk trans-shipment point). At present railway cargo goes through the ports of Odessa, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Our company can help you in this matter. We can make payments for sea freight, cargo transshipment in ports and its storage, terminal handling in ports. We will do our best to complete all your requests.


Payment of railway tariffs, charges in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and Central Asia

To carry your cargo from point A to point B by the international rail transport Customers must pay transit fares and extra charges for the territories of foreign countries. Our company has contracts with the representatives of foreign countries and will be able to help you in this matter.